By referring to the chromatic circle containing the primary colours (red, yellow, blue), secondary, intermediate and complementary colours, it is possible, through their combination, to produce a serene, balanced and attractive tonal play, creating harmonious solutions. White and black are excluded, in fact, when, for example, you use white combined with another shade, it will be the latter that transmits personalities to the environment.

FIRST COLOURS: red, yellow, blue

SECONDARY COLOURS: purple, orange, green. They are the result of the combination of primary colours.

TERTIARY  COLOURS: red-orange, yellow-orange, green yellow, green blue, green blue, purple blue, purple red. They are the colors that are found between primary and secondary resulting from their mixing.

COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS: these are the colours found in diametrically opposite positions in the wheel of colours such as blue and orange, red and green, purple and yellow. Inside each pair, one of them brings out the vibrant tones of the other, creating a strong contrast.







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