Wood is the most popular building material since prehistoric times thanks to its availability in nature and the possibility of use even without the need for machining. Although the use of stone and brick makes it possible to build a construction that lasts longer in time, wood has remained until the nineteenth century, the most suitable material for some building elements such as floors, roofs or foundation structures, as can be seen in Venice, for its ability to resist for a long time in water. Some examples of construction systems made of wood are:

  • the “Ballon-framing”, i. e. a frame structure made up of standardized, studded elements, used in American residential buildings, in northern European countries and in Alpine areas because it is economical, light and easy to realize.
  • the “Blockbau”, a system in which the walls are formed by wooden planks arranged horizontally on top of each other and interlocked at the corners.
  • Stavkirker”, i.e. Norwegian wooden churches made of planks placed vertically between corner pillars.

In the twentieth century, the use of wood has decreased substantially due to the availability of innovative materials that are cheaper from an economic point of view and due to its high flammability and deterioration over time. However, despite the decrease in its use in the structural field, demand for carpentry or temporary structures has increased.

Here some examples of magnificent architectural works made of wood:






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