How Color Can Revolutionize Your Home.

How color can revolutionize your home. Many tips to enhance the living spaces of your beautiful home.


There is no doubt that colour is becoming increasingly widespread in the world of interior design, gaining space and prestige. When you don’t want to face a radical renovation, it is the easiest, fastest and cheapest system to satisfy the desire to change the style of a house. For rented houses, for example, it is a simple and effective solution. The enemy of the final result is only one: improvisation. You don’t mess with colour. The risk, with DIY, is to exalt not what is beautiful, but emphasize what would be best to hide.


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It would be better not to look too much at the trend, at the decorative effect, forgetting that all the chromatic stimuli in an environment affect us both physically and psychologically. Many studies say that in the environment we collect 60% of the information through sight, which is why the color climate is crucial.
For the well-being of our eyes we need a harmonious and changing space in which the contrasts are well balanced and this everywhere, using the potential of color to improve the quality of life in places excluded from any form of aesthetics. This is one of the magic of colour!



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Hyperstimulating colours should be avoided in environments where you stay longer, because our perceptive mechanism gets tired because it has to be constantly adapted. A real color project must be very reasoned and it is better to rely on a professional rather than banging in a clumsy way from some image seen on Instagram or a magazine, because not everyone understands which part of the house should be colored.
Sometimes it is better to choose a single wall, always paying attention to symmetry, openings and the size of the space. If you want to choose an original shade for decorating, for example a living room, it is better to choose relaxing and relaxing colours such as blue.



Product in the picture: DB Sofa

To decorate your home in the best possible way, we recommend you to devote a lot of time to the perception of the spaces, trying to feel the rooms not only with a sense of sight. Exposure to sunlight, of course, is the first element to be verified, but it is also important to establish the functional areas in a chromatic way to support the actions that take place there. For example, avoid the excess of green in the bathrooms, which when reflected in the mirror will make you look less beautiful, highlighting wrinkles and imperfections. It is no coincidence that green was used in painting to highlight the features in portraits. And then there are the rules, such as the three-to-one ratio, concerning brightness and colour saturation. The floor that supports us must be darker than the walls that delimit it and that in turn must be darker than the ceiling, which helps to determine the color climate and the refraction of the environment itself.


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Product in the picture: Collar Chair


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