Hygge Christmas

How would you live your Hygge Christmas? To me a Hygge Christmas should be like this:




The Crib

A simple crib with wooden figurines which express warmth and simplicity at the same time. The HYGGE philosophy speaks of the daily pleasures that life offers, of finding happiness in small things and in simplicity.



A welcoming fireplace

The fireplace is the symbol of the HYGGE philosophy, welcoming and warm, it creates a familiar and convivial place around which the whole family gathers to spend time together.




Candles scented with chamomile, jasmine or lavender with their relaxing properties are able to make the house a real intimate retreat. They can be combined with simple decorations giving life to real furnishing accessories.



Decorative elements

Choose natural decorations such as pine branches, cinnamon sticks, gift packages wrapped in raw paper and rope; all elements that have a bond with nature and can give emotions.



A blanket

Warm and soft blankets in pastel colours to protect from the cold but also just to feel pampered in these icy snowy days. Braided or chequered blankets will be perfect for spending Christmas in comfort and serenity.


A walking in the snow

Walking in the snow is so relaxing and priceless; the snow has the power to waddle the world, to make it similar to the moon, all white and mysterious especially in the middle of a snowfall in which sky and ground become as one.


The toast

A romantic and intimate toast with the person you love, maybe in front of the fireplace with a good bottle of wine, with the lights off and surrounded by scented candles. The HYGGE philosophy is about the precious time we spend with people we love, whether it’s family, husband, old friends or even people who just make us happy.







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