Discovering Lagom

Discovering Lagom: transform your home into a calming oasis with lagom-inspired decor!

Never heard of lagom? Discover why this Swedish concept of balance & moderation is the key to a happy life. From embracing imperfection to finding contentment, let’s explore what lagom really means.

Sancal Tonella armchair

Transform your home into a calming oasis with lagom-inspired decor! Minimalistic pieces, natural elements, and airy hues will create an inviting environment that’s sure to soothe the soul.

From minimalist to cozy, create a home that’s just right with these lagom decorating tips: organize, declutter and use texture & color to bring balance & harmony. Find your perfect style without overdoing it!

We all strive for a lagom home – one that is balanced, comfortable and clutter-free. Here’s how to achieve it: 1. Declutter regularly 2. Choose minimalistic decor & furniture 3. Let natural light in as much as possible 4. Embrace an “only what you need” mentality.

Emeco 111 Navy chair

Lagom home decor brings balance and beauty – creating an atmosphere that’s just the right amount of cozy without being overwhelming. Furniture, plants and artwork need to be in harmony to create a space of peace and joy!

Sancal Vesper coffee table

Lagom rejects ostentation and invites awareness: what is strictly essential and what can instead be eliminated? What are the things you really care about?

Sancal Duo sofa

The rooms in the house should not be overloaded, and this applies both to furniture and decoration, but also to colour choices. Avoid painting the walls in too bright colours and mixing too many different shades. The ideal colours for a Lagom style home tend to be neutral: white, grey, beige, cream, to be combined with a few hints of black or anthracite.

Sancal Momic sofa

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