New Rugs Collection 2023

Adding a touch of elegance and comfort to your living space with new beautiful pieces.

With beautiful colors and unique designs, the new collection of hygge rugs 2023 are sure to make your home look more inviting. From contemporary styles to cozy textures, there’s something for everyone!

The power of colour

Colors vibrate; they evoke memories. In this collection, the colors speak to each other in a harmonious way, generating a visual balance where little by little they appear, and they disappear; interrelated and making them difficult to control. A reflection on the meaning of contrast in colors (hue, value, temperature and saturation) that culminates in this collection, where the simplicity of graphics gives way to the power of color.

Main features:

  • Design by Begüm Cana Özgür
  • Vibrant colors
  • 5 sizes (runner size) and 5 colors
  • Optical effect depending on how you look at it
  • Hand loomed Dhurrie
Nanimarquina Haze rug
Nanimarquina Haze rug
Nanimarquina Haze rug

Contemporary juxtaposition

The tradition of overlapping rugs is conceptualized in its most contemporary version. A proposal that is born from the juxtaposition of oblique figures, generating a game of monochromatic volumes.
A design with two well differentiated planes thanks to the mixture of techniques and textures. The elegance of simplicity, betting on sober graphics and powdery colors.

Main features:

  • Design by Matthew Hilton
  • 4 colors and 4 sizes.
  • Hand knotted Persian Knot and Sumak
  • 2 techniques = 2 textures = 2 heights
  • Shaggy effect.
Nanimarquina Oblique rug
Nanimarquina Oblique rug
Nanimarquina Oblique rug
Nanimarquina Oblique rug

Lines, strokes and geometry

A collection in motion. A geometric design created with subtle linear and intermittent strokes with a blurred point and combined colors in positive and negative. A visual game that comes to life when you turn the rug; a reversible collection where the main side displays a rectilinear design in its maximum splendor and the B side expresses its most subtle and delicate facet.

Main features:

  • Ronan Bouroullec signature
  • Reversible
  • With a lot of personality but also can fit in
    different styles
  • 4 sizes and 4 color combinations
  • 100% Afghan wool. Very resistant. Hand spun by
    hand, which makes the yarn uneven and gives
    the rug a rustic feel.
  • Handmade. Kilim base with Persian handknot.
Nanimarquina Doblecara rug
Nanimarquina Doblecara rug
Nanimarquina Doblecara rug
Nanimarquina Doblecara rug

Weaving in jazz

A tapestry born from unconsciousness, that lets the creative process flow. The hands begin to weave to the sound of jazz; the weft is the melody and the warp is the solos. The result are unique pieces, each with its own rhythm. Rhythms that draw different graphics but share the same color range.

Main features:

  • Design by Gian Padilla
  • Very handcrafted piece.
  • Raw texture
  • More fabric than rug
  • Weighs little.
Nanimarquina Improvisación rug
Nanimarquina Improvisación rug

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