Scandinavian Bathroom DO and DON’T

Creating a cozy, comforting bathroom with these simple hygge decor do’s and don’ts.

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of creating a cozy, Scandinavian-style bathroom? Relax! Here are some simple yet stylish decor features that will help you achieve it: soft textures, natural materials, warm lighting & subtle scents. Create your own sanctuary today!

Create a haven of relaxation in your bathroom with these hygge decor do and don’ts.


  • Natural elements like wood, stone, plants and shells
  • Candles & diffusers to set the mood
  • Soft linens for comfort & warmth


  • Overcrowd with too much furniture or accessories
  • Use bright colors – stick to warm neutrals instead
  • Forget about practicality – pick items you’ll use every day!

Life is too short to spend time in an uninviting bathroom. Transform your space with these Scandinavian-inspired decor features: warm lighting, cozy towels, natural accents and inviting scents.

From minimalistic to cozy, hygge bathroom decor is the perfect blend of style and function. Create a tranquil space with white walls, beautiful soft rugs, and natural light. Add extra comfort with warm linens, lush plants, and inviting candles!

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