Yellow is a bright, lively and sparkling color, it is a presence that is certainly not resigned that does not go unnoticed; it is widely used in the decoration of kitchens where it creates a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. In quiet and relaxing areas such as living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, yellow was not used frequently in the past due to its bright and intense shades. Choosing the right shade of yellow may not be an easy choice, because the intensity of the colour increases when, for example, it is applied to a wall more than with other shades. Thanks to its positive connotations, yellow has great space in southern countries such as Mexico, Africa and Australia because the abundant light of those places has a more pleasing impact on the intense and lively tones of this primary colour. Yellow goes well with white, green and orange, or matched with blue in the decoration of classic country kitchens.

Used in furnishing, yellow can be grouped into four categories:
– yellow citrus fruits that create a young and informal atmosphere
– ochre and “rough” yellows that create a welcoming environment
– egg yellow, containing a pinch of red, which transmits heat and energy.
– Yellow gold, brass and copper used mainly in luxury interior design




















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