The interior designer is a qualified professional figure, less well known in Italy than abroad, who has the task of increasing and improving the quality and functionality of an internal space, whether it be a private home or a work place. When approaching a new project, the interior designer has to take many aspects into account before he can  complete his work:

  • the objectives, needs and safety of the customer
  • formulate and propose concepts that lead to appropriate, functional and aesthetic solutions
  • use appropriate means of project submission
  • preparing executive drawings
  • coordinating with other professionals for technical aspects such as engineers, architects, electricians, electricians, plumbers, assemblers and carpenters
  • reviewing and evaluating design solutions in the implementation and completion phases of the work

The essential requirements of a good designer are the in-depth knowledge of materials, colour and its characteristics, the ability to distribute space, a great attention to detail and the empathic ability to interpret and then satisfy the needs of the customer. The interior designer, through the language of space design, chromatic contrasts and the use of materials, is able to communicate every kind of personal information of the client, from age to economic conditions.










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