Light is a very versatile and exciting decorative element, as well as creating suggestive atmospheres, it can alter the colour of walls, ceilings and accessories and at the same time fulfil a function of great importance: it allows to work and operate efficiently when the natural light is missing or is not able to meet the needs.

There are various types of lighting depending on the type of room and space available.

-Diffuse or ambient light: this is the most discreet form of artificial lighting, as it must not be intrusive but must leave visible the light effect on paintings, walls, ceilings and furniture.

-Directional light: it is the light that must allow a work to be carried out and consequently produce a thin beam on a limited and specific area.

-Decorative light: the task of this type of lighting is to create a special atmosphere without necessarily having to engrave on the level of illumination of the environment

-Service light: like that present in refrigerators, ovens, cabinets…. it has the task of illuminating small areas of an environment to facilitate orientation.
















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