The 3 most beautiful design hotels in Europe. Discover more in this article.

1- Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam

This hotel, which owes its name to its first owner, grandson of the North American press tycoon, has a new image. A special place, linking 25 houses connected to the canal, where craftsmanship, tradition and modernity are its hallmarks. The Amsterdam Pulitzer has among its rooms some suites inspired by the different characters who might have lived there. Truly magical places, where for a few days you can change your skin and feel like a romantic writer, in the style of Jane Austen, given that now marks the bicentennial of her death.





2- Room Mate Giulia Hotel in Milan

In the heart of Milan, the Room Mate Giulia is a true jewel of design and style.
Having Patricia Urquiola’s signature on it is something that helps, no doubt. The pavement in the vestibule is made of pink marble, the same one used in the Duomo of Milan, while the terracotta bricks are another nod to the city. Art, with works by Milanese artists, photographers and illustrators, is part of every corner. An interior design with a vintage air recreates the spaces of Italian houses and makes you feel at home in Giulia. Urquiola has turned to Cassina to create tailor-made furniture that combines design and functionality. The lively colour of fabrics, furniture and walls creates atmospheres of great visual strength, which transmit vitality and positive energy.





3- Gecko Beach Club in Formentera

Inspired by the time when the international jet set began to enjoy its summers on the Spanish coast, Gecko recovers the maritime elegance of the 1950s, reclaiming its own style of the Riviera Balear.
The rooms, with mirrors and large windows that catch the light and breeze of the island, are decorated in neutral colors, dotted with cobalt blue brushstrokes.




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