Inside & around a garden.

Inside & around a garden: Decorating with plants and flowers.




Always take the time to live your home before decorating it!

From the veranda, which will become the library, you can see the garden, (the first “furniture” of the house) …. “Winter garden, mystery, poetry and absolute calm, inhabited by evergreens, ivy, some annual plant and, in spring, tulips.”
The kitchen, located between two large windows that can be opened, also seems directly immersed in the greenery and on the balcony of the living room two large bamboo vases to hide the house in front.




The house is acquiring its own personality, a welcoming area, an atmosphere made energetic by the bold use of the violet of lavender, red and yellow rose gardens that populate with a wise enhancement of the strengths: the windows.
All the furnishing elements have been made to measure, they are unique just like our plants.
High ceilings with stuccoes, walls color of nowhere (there are natural colors of flowers), geometric parquet floors in oak, ceramic plates and vases (empty), the flowers do not fall apart. There is a tiny outbuilding in the garden, and a vegetable garden grows on the rooftop terrace. Things must not look as they are. The real extravagance are a mix of architecture and botany.




The real luxury, in the end, lies in space, in the fact that you can walk around a dwelling (gardens, fields, barns) whose fluid boundaries are without barriers.
Conclusion: we have discovered the true secret of living in peace: joy is hidden in this small theatre where you can enjoy in solitude or in company our daily needs for spirituality.






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