Decorating with fruits.

Colorful, fragrant and beautiful to see. Using fruits as a decorative element is a trick that is widely used by the best interior designers.




Fruit is not only good to eat, but also very fragrant and beautiful to look at and admire for its countless colors and shapes. If fruit is served during an important meal, it can also be decorated by making various shapes with them. It is possible, in fact, with much practice and a good dose of imagination, to reproduce flowers, shapes, or animals of all kinds, simply by carving the fruit. The only limit is creativity and patience, which must be really high to obtain satisfactory results. Oranges, strawberries, cherries, apples, mangos, bananas… The choice is almost infinite….




For environments furnished with classic style, and therefore through the use of wood, warm or neutral colors we recommend combining compositions of dried fruit or, to brighten the environment compositions with oranges or apples in order to maintain the elegance and refinement of the interior without weighing it down.






For the modern interiors decorated with brighter tones, tropical fruit is the ideal! With its exotic shapes, the explosion of colours and evocative scents, it is able to give a touch of freshness, joy and vivacity to the environment. Pineapples, mangos, avocados, kiwis, the choice is yours!




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