A “minimal” Christmas

Celebrating Christmas 2020 among tradition, minimalism and sobriety.

It will certainly be a different Christmas, much simpler and more sober… the health crisis will force people to celebrate it at home without all their relatives and friends; inevitably people will be much more careful about buying gifts and decorations. But even if you spend less you can create a warm and welcoming Christmas atmosphere at home. Let’s find out how!

The many proposals for this Christmas 2020 have already appeared in the shops for weeks.
Between tradition and innovation, every year there are trends in terms of colours, decorations and styles. A perfect idea for those who prefer a very clean, minimal and relaxing atmosphere is to use tones of green, sand, white, ice and wood that create an essential and balanced environment.

This year’s fashion for home decorations is to use simple elements that recall nature: branches, pine cones, dried fruit, cinnamon… A return to the earth and to our roots is planned for this Christmas celebrated in the cosiness of our own home.

If you are a colour lover, red is certainly timeless: maybe obvious, maybe banal, but combined with gold and silver it is a must for many people; very beautiful even if used on a base or on a white tree!

For touches of light or to recreate a bit of Scandinavian style, white matches any environment: a great Christmas classic that can also be played with a tone on tone.

A colour which, having recently become very much part of the furnishings as well, is playing an important role in Christmas nuances is pink: romantic, delicate, modern, it is also perfect in combination with gold.

If there is not enough space in the house, one solution is to decorate the house in an alternative way; you can take some small trees to be placed close together on a table or a piece of furniture, creating a sort of forest. Another idea is to fill a vase with simple pine branches with a berry or ribbon decoration; you can also use balls simply to decorate a branch hanging from a corner of the ceiling.

Christmas is also perfume and good food: preparing ginger and cinnamon sweets and orange infusions is perfectly in harmony with the hygge and Scandinavian styles.

Even simple or recycled materials can be transformed into original decorations: old greeting cards can become a festoon; a tin box for biscuits is a simple but effective solution to enhance a corner; old pendants and frills can be an original and unusual enrichment of the tree.

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3 thoughts on “A “minimal” Christmas

  1. I love these ideas and I would like to try some of them for Christmas in our house. Preparations are half the joy of Christmas ❤

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