Provencal Style Kitchens

How to recreate the atmosphere of Provence in your kitchen!

The Provençal style was born in the famous region in the south of France, famous for its lavender fields, the French Riviera, the mildness of its climate, the beauty of its coast, the charm of its cities of art and the high level of its cuisine.

The Provençal style, characterized by elegance, sobriety and discretion, was born in this context and also influences the furnishing giving life to a unique and charming style.

If you want to recreate the Provençal style in your home, we suggest you starting with the kitchen, the room that is most suitable for this style. The result will be a romantic, intimate, comfortable environment with a strong rural connotation that recalls the recollection of the family.

The colours used in the Provencal style are pastel, delicate and sober colours such as blue, green, yellow and cream. They give brightness to the kitchen and at the same time give a very personal touch to the environment.

Among the materials to be used, the presence of wood is undisputed, to make it a valuable element is the way it is painted, with blurred palettes rich in nuances, working on the furniture, in itself also vintage, but giving it vitality, focusing on functionality and softness of lines.

Often in the Provençal style there are contaminations from shabby chic, vintage, country, hygge styles … What all these styles have in common is that they are capable of creating a place where warmth and hospitality make guests feel immediately at home.

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