Decorating Windows with Curtains

Decorating windows with curtains by adding a hygge touch to your home.

There is nothing better than to complete the furnishing of a room with a curtain! A hygge style curtain is usually long, light, discreet in white or pastel shades…

It is important to pay attention to how we decorate the windows, because choosing the right curtains can make all the difference.

As well as adjusting the amount of light, curtains are an excellent opportunity to give every room the perfect finishing touch.

A hygge-style home cannot be said to be complete without a curtain in every room that creates a veil of separation between the home and the outside world…

For this type of style it is advisable to avoid roller blinds or in general excessively modern curtains that would clash with the cosy and intimate atmosphere of the room.

Opt instead for cotton or linen rod curtains so that the light filters naturally but is not blinding. As far as the choice of colour is concerned, white, beige, cream or light grey are preferable… neutral shades that match any colour and any room: dining room, living room, bedroom…

We advise you to choose brighter curtains for the daytime rooms and the bathroom while, to better reconcile your sleep, opt for darker curtains for the bedroom.

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  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love the third photo.


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