The Boho Chic Style

The Boho Chic style: characteristics of a complex, personalized and unique style!

The boho chic style is made up of two different words: boho is the abbreviation of “bohemian”, referring to the lifestyle of 19th century artists, which in turn comes from the erroneous belief that gypsies came from Bohemia; and “chic” another French term meaning “elegant”.

Contrary to how Boho Chic style may seem, it is extremely elegant and versatile. As there are no rules for the creation of this style, everyone can play with their fantasy, with colour contrasts, with other styles that combined together create an environment of strong visual impact.

A mix of contaminations and colours; in a Boho Chic house you can glimpse the most varied styles: Jungle, Hyppie, ethnic, shabby chic, ecletic, vintage and modern.

Bright colours are certainly the hallmark of the Boho Chic style, especially for the decorative elements that fit into a background where the colours of nature prevail, i.e. the shades of brown of the wood, the blue of the sea and the green of the plants.

Natural lighting, thanks to large windows, is always the best solution. Obviously where this is not possible and in the evening it is advisable to use a discreet lighting system with soft and coloured accents, soft and intimate lights. Ball chandeliers, candles…

In a Boho Chic home among the great protagonists are the plants. The greenery, in general, merges masterfully with any type of environment, and sometimes becomes an important element of furniture.

The Boho Chic style also has some connection with the Hygge style, as they both prefer comfort, personal character to a purely aesthetic sense.


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