The Aesthetic Order

The aesthetic order: how order in the home is important to the well-being of our minds.

Science states that living in an tidy (but also clean) environment helps good mood, mental clarity, organization and instills a sense of serenity and satisfaction that cannot be underestimated. So order in the home goes hand in hand with order in our brain.

Very often, due to a frenetic and stressful life, the last thing we think about is tidying the house up; in fact, as soon as we cross the threshold of the house we can’t wait to lie down on the couch and relax. And that’s not a bad thing! But in the long run, the mess and lack of care of our home could negatively affect our mood and our ability to organize.

Try it to believe it! If you have a large family with many children or if your life is very hectic or if you don’t like to tidy the house up, there are some small measures that could be useful to facilitate this task.

Furthermore, during this period of health emergency, many people are forced to work directly from home and there is nothing worse than a messy and chaotic work environment that would negatively affect our productivity and accuracy.

First of all, we recommend that you focus on extremely functional, essential and minimalist furnishings, eliminating all superfluous items such as accessories or complements that would make it more difficult to maintain order and cleanliness.

Living Room

Keep the living room tidy and make the environment more pleasant with plants, candles and room scents. Your guests should find a welcoming environment and you should find a corner of the house where you can feel good and relax.

Dining Room

The dining room is a really important room that brings the whole family together to eat meals, study but also to work. In this place it is particularly important to opt for a minimalist furniture: a table, chairs and a design sideboard will be enough to create an elegant, cozy and functional environment.


The fact that it is a room that we keep hidden from guests, does not mean that it should be less tidy than the rest of the house. So let’s get rid of junk, boxes of old items, overflowing drawers. Also avoid, if you can, any kind of technology in the room. It disturbs sleep.

On these lockdown days devote yourself to taking care of your home. Once you have put them in order apply the simple rules that allow us to keep everything in order: put back what you have taken; close what you have opened; pick up what falls; take note of what you need to buy; repair within a few days what is broken. These seem like platitudes, but we almost never manage to stick to them. The only secret is to make them a habit, an automatic gesture.

Products in the pictures: Muuto and Fritz Hansen furniture collection.

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