A Chic Warm Blanket

A chic warm blanket: a stylish decorative accessory for your favourite hideaway.

The holidays are here, it’s Christmas…
It is the moment to slack off and feel free of obligations, to take a moment for yourself, to enjoy this period to the fullest despite everything. Although it sounds like a cliché, the formula “sofa and blanket” can be a good plan.

The blanket thanks to its thermal properties, the sense of “protection” that it transmits and its cozy and hygge style will accompany you throughout the cold winter months, in lockdown afternoons spent on the couch or sitting in your favorite armchair reading a book or in those mornings spent in bed because you are not in the mood to get up.

The blanket is a product for personal use, so cosy that you won’t want to share it. So choose your colours and materials carefully – whether natural wool, cashmere or synthetic fabric is of little importance! You must like it! It must keep you warm! It must reflect your personality and taste!

The blanket is a practical, versatile object and can be easily stored in a basket, folded on an armchair or on a sofa, thus becoming a true decorative element. When choosing colours, always bear in mind the type of furniture in the house so that the blanket matches perfectly.

The use of blankets is not necessarily exclusive to Nordic or hygge decor. There are, indeed, plenty of models and styles available that are suitable to the most modern homes and to the whole family. So, the blanket can become the hottest product to keep you company while you enjoy your favourite series or that book you can’t put down!

So, get cozy in the safety of your home, together with the people you love and your favourite blanket. Have you ever thought about it? A blanket would make a great gift for Christmas!

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All the products in the pictures: Sancal Collection

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