Scandinavian-Style Kitchens

Scandinavian-style kitchens: a fresh, modern, cosy and very chic style.

This kind of style can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on one’s preferences and tastes. The Scandinavian style is characterised by the use of geometric and essential furniture design, mainly in white or neutral tones.

If you love retro style, you can customise your Scandinavian kitchen with furniture in pastel shades, combined with vintage appliances and accessories inspired by the countryside.

Minimalism and design in the Scandinavian style kitchen are two features that blend well together with the aim of defining this space in the home in a practical and functional way. The effect is that of a bright and practical kitchen, warm and welcoming, where essential lines prevail over everything.

In full harmony with the countries of northern Europe, the Scandinavian style kitchen favours natural materials such as wood, metal which gives brightness to the environment and also marble.

In addition to white and pastel colours, the Scandinavian style often uses the contrast between black and white, a very modern combination that goes well with minimalist furniture.

In the kitchens of northern Europe, stools are often used, assuming a function of hospitality and conviviality around the table, around the island or peninsula kitchen models. Stools used in the kitchen are also part of the new trends for 2021. Discover more

The style of the furniture is another important element in a Scandinavian kitchen. Usually small round or rectangular wooden tables are used, surrounded by painted metal or wooden chairs.

In any case, furnishing a Scandinavian style kitchen requires a single key word: Simplicity. The search for simplicity responds to a precise philosophy of life called lagom: literally this Swedish word means “the right amount”, referring to the idea of being happy with what you have and getting used to living with the bare minimum. The Scandinavian style embodies this way of thinking, preferring high quality furniture that lasts over time, thus avoiding unnecessary waste that is also harmful to the environment.

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