Discovering Japandi Design

Japandi design: a successful combination of two “distant” but very compatible styles

Japandi represents a new style, a new way of decorating the home by combining two different but complementary styles: Japanese and Nordic aesthetics. Both highlight the beauty in imperfection, the love of nature, exalting craftsmanship and sustainable design. An invitation to minimalism to enjoy the simple pleasures of life at the same time.

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Japandi is primarily composed of two philosophies of life: wabi-sabi, the search for beauty in Japanese imperfection, and hygge, the enjoyment of the simple things in life. The result is an interaction between two very distant and opposing worlds that nevertheless have many things in common, including a great respect for nature and a love of minimalist living.

A house furnished in the Japandi style will be cosy, simple and essential. The colours used will be a mix between the cold tones that characterise Scandinavian design and the warmer Japanese atmosphere, combined with natural materials such as wood in all its finishes.

The furniture used is practical and distinguished by simple, clean lines. Minimalism, therefore, which looks at the functional purpose of each piece of furniture characterised by quality and timeless design.

A further natural touch comes from the need to blur the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor thanks to large windows or French windows overlooking the garden. It is, also, advisable to include indoor plants, which bring life, oxygen and colour to the rooms.

A home that embraces this style aims to create a serene and peaceful environment in harmony with life. If you liked my blog post “Discovering Japandi Design” have also a look at The Danish Design

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