The Trend Colours for this Spring Summer.

Lots of ideas for renovating your home with the colours of spring summer 2021.

The main trend for this spring-summer, as far as furnishing is concerned, will be dictated by the colour that expresses light-heartedness and lightness; what we all need at this time!

You can choose to change the upholstery of the sofa or armchairs, repaint the walls or change or add colourful design accessories to liven the room up. But what are the colours you can play with?! Let’s find out together!

Purple and its shades.

Intense, elegant, feminine and very chic. Violet, with all its nuances, can be a valuable ally for renovating the living room or bedroom through furniture coverings, the use of carpets, or curtains… It can also be used as the main colour for walls, but be very careful that the shade is not too dark. It should not be used in the kitchen or dining room.

Green and its shades.

Green needs little introduction. It is the colour of nature, therefore bright in all its shades and relaxing, expressing optimism and hope. It is perfect for decorating rooms that need light such as the dining room and kitchen. You can choose between light and dark shades… the end result will be elegant, harmonious and charming in both cases.

Yellow and its shades.

The colour of the sun, of liveliness, of happiness and which best represents summer! You can easily abound with this colour on walls, furniture, accessories and fabrics! Best used in the kitchen, not recommended in the bedroom because its ability to illuminate the environment will not help to sleep!

Red and its shades.

The most intense and passionate colour there is, from the darkest tones of burgundy to the blinding tones of bright red! Decorating with this colour full of personality is always a courageous choice, as it implies carefully studied colour combinations. It is advisable in these cases to always rely on an interior designer…

In conclusion, interior designers say that, regardless of the colours listed above that you decide to use to decorate your home for this spring summer 2021, the key element that returns this season is natural light. The house will light up with new life!

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