Spring 2021 Trends: the Pouf is in Vogue!

Colorful poufs: the must-have design object for your home this spring!

With the arrival of spring, there is a growing desire to renew the furnishings in your home. For the coming season, interior design experts are focusing on a versatile, original, colourful and designer object: the pouf!

The term ‘pouf’ has an exotic origin, coming from the French word ‘pouf’. “Puff’ is the sound of a body deflating and puffing as it deflates: this is how a nineteenth-century ladies’ bonnet behaves at the mercy of the wind – and this is where the term comes from – or a large cushion on which we let ourselves fall after a day’s work.

Often underestimated and disregarded, the pouf can have many functions: coffee table, footstool, cushion for lying on the floor, stool… It can also be easily moved or stored in the attic when no longer needed.

Get the look with:  Tonella Pouf

Poufs are available in an infinite number of models, sizes, coverings and materials; from classic rectangular shapes to more original ones, they will add a cheerful touch to any room, especially in the children’s room!

The pouf adapts to all tastes, styles and trends: from minimal to shabby chic, to afro, ethnic and eco-green; then, the pouf is less invasive than sofas and armchairs, so it can be moved from room to room without compromising the overall décor and to make the most of its potential.

The pouf is one of the essential elements in hygge-style furniture due to its comfort, informal and cosy appearance. Perfect if chosen with a wool cover for the winter period or a cotton cover for the summer months.

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