Decorating Home with Glass.

Decorating home with glass: decorative vases, unique handmade pieces, a must-have in the home!

Incorporating glass vases into your home decor is always a winning choice. Glass can be combined with any style, it is timeless, eco-friendly and can add a touch of class to your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

For a purely hygge style, it is advisable to choose handmade vases by a craftsman, which are actually unique pieces!

The most famous glass vases are undoubtedly the Venini vases, a well-known Italian manufacturer of unique works made of Murano glass. Over the years, these vases have become a must-have for design and Italian-made products lovers.

These types of vases, whether in transparent or in coloured glass, are so versatile that they can be moved at pleasure from one room to another, even in a purely functional environment such as the bathroom.

If you are not a fan of decorative vases, you can always opt for the simplicity of a small transparent glass vase in which to place flowers (real or fake) or plants, creating a very cosy but discreet atmosphere.

Another idea to consider is to combine two or more vases together to create a small decorative corner… you can use this option to fill a part of a room that has been left empty, to distract attention from any structural ‘defects’ in a room, or to emphasise the cozy effect of the home…

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