The Importance of Artificial Light in the Home.

The importance of artificial light in the home: artificial light plays a key role in our daily lives.

Especially if you live in a city centre flat it is difficult to enjoy natural light at different times of the day due to the small size of the space and the lack of a view of an open landscape. It is therefore necessary to make greater use of artificial light through chandeliers, lamps and cleverly designed lighting systems.

Furthermore, with smart working and distance learning becoming more prevalent, it is now more necessary than ever to devise a lighting system that is tailored to all our needs and that suits the layout of the house.

Depending on the space to be lit, a number of solutions can be chosen that will improve the quality of life, both visually and in terms of well-being.

Living room

To properly illuminate the living room, in addition to the classic central chandelier, I suggest a functional arc lamp; in this specific case we are talking about a lamp with an essential and minimalist design which, thanks to the width of its arc structure, will be able to amply illuminate the entire living room without creating annoying shadow areas.

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Dining room

There is nothing better than an enveloping beam of light to illuminate the dining table. I recommend opting for a composition of single-light chandeliers which, as well as decorating the room in a discreet way but with personality, will illuminate your dining room properly without the blinding light effect.


It is often the case that due to the small size of the kitchen it is difficult to fit a floor lamp and that opting for a suspended lamp is an obvious and not very functional choice. For these reasons I can recommend a wall lamp. It does not take up space, it becomes a decorative element with a pleasant visual impact and is able to perfectly illuminate all corners of the kitchen.

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Why not choose a multi-functional object for the bedroom that functions as both a lamp and a table? This model that I am presenting to you takes up little space, creates a soft light that is relaxing for the eyes and is also very comfortable as you can put a glass of water, a book…

Get the look with: Ozz lamp

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      Hi. Which photo are you referring to?

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