The Most Beautiful Objects for Decorating in Hygge Style.

The most beautiful objects for decorating the home following the hygge style.

The hygge style, one of the most elegant, cosy and relaxing styles, is also perhaps one of the most difficult to recreate as it is easy to fill the house with objects, making it a suffocating environment.

The secret is to choose objects wisely, be they vases, blankets, pictures or mirrors, so as to make the house cosy and warm but at the same time bright, functional and ‘beautiful’ to live in.

The hygge style tends towards minimalism and the essential, so first focus on what you need and then think about adding other decorative elements!

But what are the typical accessories that characterise the hygge style? Definitely a soft blanket to place over the sofa, an armchair, a chair or the bed, or to store in a large wicker basket.

Flower or plant pots are certainly worth considering, as the element of nature can never be lacking in a hygge home. Flowers and plants give oxygen, colour and fragrance to the environment.

It is also advisable to decorate the walls so that they are not too empty, but without exaggerating! You can opt for a designer mirror, boho chic objects or simply photographs that you love …

Have you ever thought of using a staircase as a decorative element?! You might be surprised at the beautiful effect it would create! Still in doubt? Take a look at these solutions created by professional interior designers!

Don’t forget the cushions! Large or small, cotton or wool, coloured or neutral… The important thing is that they are cosy, comfortable and soft!

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