Hygge Accessories: The Screen!

Hygge accessories: integrating a hygge-style screen into a room.

If you are a lover of the hygge style and if you have a house with relatively large rooms or open spaces, you should consider using one or more screens as both a purely decorative and functional element to create visual privacy within a single space.

Indeed placing a nice room divider in a corner of the living room or bedroom or even bathroom, creating an isolated space from the rest of the room, can be a great solution and could create an impressive visual impact!

A decorative screen, whether made of paper, wood, wicker or metal, has the mysterious charm of a ‘secret place’, an intimate space even in the presence of other people staying in the same room. With the help of decorative screens, it is possible to create real rooms, even with different furniture, in which you can devote yourself to your hobbies or in which you can hide things from view that you do not want to show.

Get the look with: Colony screen

This element, which many years ago only served to “hide”, has now been reinterpreted by numerous designers who have made the screen a wonderful piece of furniture that is widely used in Scandinavian, hygge and shabby chic styles.

The most commonly used material is certainly wood, which is warm and versatile and can be combined perfectly with any existing furnishings. As far as colour is concerned, it is advisable to choose natural shades or to opt in favour of pastel colours.

In the Japanese and Japandi style, the use of partitions is widespread, as in oriental culture the concept of privacy and respect for privacy is fundamental…

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1 thought on “Hygge Accessories: The Screen!

  1. I’m not a fan of pink color! but you presented it at its best combination.


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