Hygge: Some Interesting Facts about this Popular Danish Concept of Happiness!

Hygge is a deeply Danish philosophy/lifestyle that has had an unexpected surge in popularity recently.

The hygge philosophy is experiencing a moment of great but also unexpected popularity in recent years, not only in Denmark where it originated. An untold number of articles have been written about this Danish word and why it is the key to happiness.

Many articles on hygge, in order to explain its meaning, mention things like candles, hot chocolate and extra-large jumpers, as well as being in the company of loved ones. It sounds like what we would call ‘cosiness’, welcome and warmth….

Hygge is not just about intimacy: it is a central aspect of Danish culture and vocabulary; hygge is more important than just meeting people you are fond of. More generally, you want them to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

However, hygge does not have the same meaning for everyone: it is an individual feeling that cannot be clearly and unambiguously defined even among Danes or other Scandinavian peoples.

It can mean different things to different people, depending on personal taste, different points of view, different lifestyles… So what is the meaning of hygge for you?

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