Windows with a View

Windows wiht a view: let yourself be surrounded by magical suggestions to relax and enjoy hygge moments.

A view of an open space, be it a garden or the buildings of a large city, is essential for mental well-being… sitting in a comfortable armchair admiring the view is a hygge moment to be enjoyed minute by minute.

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Much more time is spent at home since the pandemic began; very often the home has become the main place of work and therefore it is necessary to create spaces and moments dedicated solely to well-being, health and relaxation.

A house or apartment with a garden or terrace or with windows overlooking a breathtaking view has become a must. Light enters through the windows and illuminates the house, giving a sense of lightness and removing the feeling of claustrophobia that comes after spending many hours indoors.

Light-coloured curtains are recommended in the living room, dining room and kitchen to provide as much light as possible, especially in the autumn/winter period. Or you can even choose not to put curtains at all, leaving the window “bare”.

Spending time looking out of the window is very restful for the eyes; too many hours at the computer over time is harmful, in fact, experts recommend alternating half an hour of work at the computer with half an hour of relaxation looking out of the window.

A very hygge solution is to include a bow window in the house with a custom-made sofa or chaise longue in front. All you need to do is decorate it with a blanket, cushions and one or more coffee tables where you can put a hot herbal tea or your favourite book. In this case, relaxation is guaranteed!

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