Decorating Home in Mediterranean Style

Decorating home in Mediterranean style: ideas and tips for fresh, natural design.

Nanimarquina Ceras rug

In order to decorate your home in the Mediterranean style, you will need a combination of natural elements, visual harmony, adequate lighting and suitable furniture. First of all, it is advisable to focus on light shades that give a feeling of ‘freshness’: therefore, choosing white for the walls will be a good step to start with. Furthermore, if you have plenty of natural light, this shade will serve to reflect and illuminate your home even more.

Nanimarquina Ceras rug

Next, a palette of fresh colours can be chosen to contrast with the white. For example, the range of blue, light blue, brown, olive green beige. In this way, you will create a fantastic visual unity if you use such shades in a moderate manner and always seek a good balance.

Nanimarquina Tones rug

Once you have determined the colours to apply in your space, you will need to choose the right furniture to decorate in the Mediterranean style. Light wood furniture will be perfect. Note that natural elements are essential for decorating home by using the Mediterranean style. You can add sofas, beds, chairs, tables and much more in light wood finish.

Nanimarquina Tres Vegetal rug

Fabrics, like furniture and colours, also play an essential role in decorating your home in the Mediterranean style. As we have already mentioned, whether tablecloths, blankets or even cushions for sofas and beds, the important thing is to always keep to a homogeneous line of textures and colours.

Nanimarquina Dibujo Tinta 1957 rug

To create this style, rugs are indispensable to add next to the sofa, in the bedroom or even in the living room. Try to follow the same style and therefore the same colour palette for each space. In this way, you will generate visual unity and a pleasing harmony that will not tire the eye.

Nanimarquina Quill rug

Once you have chosen the main colours, furniture and fabrics of the house you have decided to decorate in the Mediterranean style, you can proceed to add other decorative elements. A good idea would be to use wicker baskets as magazine racks or simply to decorate certain corners. Handcrafted-looking objects will contribute to an even more Mediterranean look to your rooms.

Nanimarquina Tres Vegetal rug

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