Benefits of Cinnamon

Benefits of cinnamon: uses and benefits of an ancient spice.

Cinnamon is a spice that originates from Asia, like most spices. In particular, it is native to the island of Ceylon, the main island off the Indian subcontinent. It is obtained from the branches and woody parts of a lauraceae plant called cinnamon zeylanicun. These parts are dried and then cleaned to remove the bark. The edible part is the innermost one.

The Properties of Cinnamon.

– It is antiseptic, bactericidal and disinfectant. And it is particularly suitable for combating diseases of the oral cavity and respiratory tract, thus useful in cases of colds but also against halitosis.

– Other recent studies on the properties of cinnamon have recognised this spice as playing an important role in controlling blood glucose levels. In particular, cinnamon reduces blood glucose in type 2 diabetes, the kind that does not require insulin.

– It is also a natural disinfectant in cases of wounds and abrasions. In fact, you can directly apply a little cinnamon powder to the affected spots.

Combining Cinnamon with Food.

In natural, vegan and vegetarian cooking, it is often associated with sweet flavours such as honey, chocolate and is used in cakes, ice cream and candies.

Excellent as an extra touch for coffee. In some countries, such as Portugal, coffee is served with a cinnamon stick.

But also as a spice to give that unmistakable flavour to homemade biscuits, bowls and cakes!

Cinnamon is an excellent spice to use and enjoy during the autumn and winter season as its intense flavour and enveloping scent can create hygge-like feelings of well-being!

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