A Touch of Romance with Boho Chic Style.

Romantic, embracing, unconventional, the boho chic style embraces an elegant yet free mood, perfect for those who love ‘informal sophistication’.

Originating as a clothing and fashion style, boho chic is associated with the hippy trend, colourful, free but also somewhat romantic and non-conformist.

Bhoeme refers to the bohemians, originally nomadic and travellers as well as refugees. But the term can be misleading because the true bohemian loves beauty, elegance and is curious about what breaks the routine of the usual. Creativity is a strong point and seeks support in colour and freedom of expression through clothes and ways of being. But always with a touch of class and beauty.

This trend has also caught on in the field of furniture, producing a home decor that is never banal, colourful but not loud. A natural mood in which materials, nature, reclaimed furniture and modernity in the name of comfort, relaxation and well-being prevail.

Furniture and accessories blend harmoniously, offering an elegant, intellectual, non-conformist look, in full bohemian style but with ethnic and hippy touches, with references to Africa, Morocco and India. The home decor seems to envelop guests, offering corners where they can relax and regenerate, free from schemes and conventions.

A boho chic style home likes to mix light colours and natural materials with lively, ethnic décor and accessories. It is a home with a free but cosy mood, soft, comfortable and certainly relaxing. As mentioned, the combination of new and recycled is a winner, especially objects and furniture with a vintage flavour. But also elements from the past linked to memories and people, which manage to find new life thanks to creative recycling.

The Boho Chic style is a fusion of hippy, ethnic and romantic. Green light, therefore, to colourful but discreet furnishings such as cushions, blankets, rugs and accessories to attach to the walls!

The boho chic style, like the hygge style, breaks the rules without losing elegance and class and turns one’s home into a cosy refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the world.

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