The Month of Coziness

The month of coziness: as the temperature changes, the need to enjoy the hygge corners of the house grows.

Coziness is an intimate embrace that one receives from loved ones, but it is also a feeling that one’s home gives. And it is the interior design that makes the difference and makes the living space cosy or, better said, cozy.

With autumn and winter approaching, our minds and bodies need this feeling of warmth, security and well-being more than ever. Every day is like a Sunday, when the home represents that space of recollection and serenity in which to relax.

Building cozy spaces means embellishing them, creating them, lighting them, perfuming them, colouring them, making them soft and fluffy with carpets, cushions, blankets, sofas, vases, candles and flowers that embrace our thoughts and bodies.

What are my tips for creating small, cozy corners?

Always try to create a corner of your own in your home, a small refuge where you can spend relaxing hours in the company of a book, a cup of tea or simply looking out of the window… Decorate it with comfortable poufs, a coffee table, a blanket, some cushions or enveloping armchairs…

As far as interior decor style is concerned, don’t follow trends! Always choose what you like, furniture and colours that are visually relaxing and give your home a touch of hygge!

Let us not forget that ‘cozy’ is first and foremost a state of mind, the softer, cosier side of ourselves, so the ‘concept’, the state of mind and the feeling of ‘coziness’ must first begin within ourselves!

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