A Touch of Orange

A touch of orange: decorating using the most autumnal colour.

Orange is an energetic, lively and vibrant colour but it is also the colour of autumn so it is warm, cosy, in a word Hygge! Orange is always among the trend colours of autumn/winter, the result of the fusion of red and yellow, it is capable of awakening vital force and creativity, according to the theory of chromotherapy. A sunny colour like this can be declined in an infinite number of ways in interior design.

These range from the minimalist with just a few orange-coloured furniture or accessories to the bolder versions involving entire walls and coloured furnishings, the latter option being one to be avoided at all costs if you want to create the typical autumnal hygge style in your home.

Classic or modern, shabby or ethnic: any mood can be interpreted in a warm version with the colour orange. As it is a shade that stimulates energy and the mind, its use should be moderated in the sleeping area, and therefore avoided in the bedroom, so as not to adversely affect sleep. Small accessories such as a light orange bedside rug or curtains, or even decorated cushions can suffice to bring a touch of liveliness to the room.

Furnishing in orange and grey or white is a perfect way to break the colour monotony and make the décor more elegant. It is a combination that lends itself very well to modern-style homes and especially to the living room environment.

Sumo sofa

Orange has its own characteristics. Although it is a ‘classic’ or spectral colour, it is used differently indoors:

  • blurred tones (delicate peach);
  • juicy colours (orange peel or tangerine tone);
  • moderately (like a citrus pulp);
  • in diluted form (with added yellow, milk or beige pigment).

Choosing the right shade will allow you to create the desired effect!

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