Natural Elements in 2023 Interior Decoration

Natural elements in interior decoration: the new trend for 2023.

Among the home decor trends of 2023, certainly one of them that persists and grows stronger is the one that invites us to include elements inspired by nature in all its forms and manifestations in all rooms of the home.

Butterfly chair

Natural elements such as the use of wood, stone vases in the shapes of stones “polished by time and the action of water”, essential environments and sober colours will be the basis of this trend that remains strong in our homes.

Flow chair

A return to nature and the natural, then: we will continue to bring the concept of well-being into our homes. Thanks to fabrics such as cotton, velvet, wool and other materials such as raw ceramics and even stone, which will be the star material of this ‘nature’ trend for 2023.

Reprise chair

Architectural and design details such as arches and round, curved shapes that we have already seen establish themselves in interior décor are also part of this trend. Crescent-shaped furniture, round carpets, sofas with an organic silhouette and tulip-shaped chairs will continue to lead this ‘all curves’ trend.

IO Table

However, 2023 takes this trend to the next level and in fact we will see more and more curved details also on architectural elements such as windows and doors, but also for mirrors, wardrobes, bedside tables and more.

As far as colours are concerned, those that instil calm and serenity and make us feel happy will be appreciated.

Drop Leaf table

In short, next year’s trend is to create a healthy lifestyle. Hence, new ways of adapting the home to a healthier and more natural life, helping us to maintain emotional well-being even in the space we live in.

Decorated and well thought-out spaces, from organisation to finishes, will help us reduce the stress and tension of everyday life, but above all they will create new spaces in our home: small areas in which to develop and practise mindfulness, such as a reading corner, a chaise longue or a small green balcony will be the protagonists of a more balanced and healthy life.

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