Why Choose Purple in Interior Design

Why choose purple in interior design to make your project unique.

If you want to decorate your home with a seductive and vibrant colour, violet is definitely for you. The colour violet is born from the mixture of blue and red; as a synthesis of the passion and impetuosity of red, with the tranquillity and transcendence of blue, violet becomes an expression of moderation, a sense of measure, of temperance.

It belongs to the cold colour category and has a very strong psychic influence. Until today it has always symbolically represented mystery, magic and the ability to identify with other people. It is par excellence the colour of spirituality; it favours the creative intellect and facilitates meditation.

Sophisticated and mysterious, full of elegance, refinement and never out of fashion, purple is a sensual and pleasant colour, lively but not playful, serious but not too serious. It is the colour of art, fantasy, dreams, altruism.

It is a noble colour, as it is often linked to the power and prestige of kings and princes, both in clothes and precious stones (it was a powerful symbol of their status). It is also the colour that theatre and television companies shun. This aversion stems from the ban on the staging of plays during the Lenten period.

Purple is a colour that must be used in decoration with great care: a shade of purple that is too bright can become challenging, while a shade of purple that is too dark may not give the desired effect. First you have to decide whether to paint one wall or two. I recommend only using it on a few walls, otherwise you risk getting too strong an effect. Unless you choose a very soft shade, it is better to establish a contrast between the walls and use it sparingly and as an accent colour.

Its many shades range from strong, intense aubergine to the vivid hues of geranium and fuchsia, from the striking amethyst colour to delicate shades of lilac and lavender.

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