Hygge Home Office Ideas

Hygge home office ideas: ideas to copy for planning a small home office.

Get the look with Treviso desk

The home office can be an extension of the dining room or bedroom, or a desk on a mezzanine; there are no rules, the important thing is that it is functional and visually harmonious with the furnishings of the house. The trends for 2023 include a sustainable home office, with low environmental impact and in harmony with the elements of nature.

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Wide use of wood, then! Indeed wood imparts a rich, tactile quality of timelessness, elegance and durability by making every furniture perfect for creative professionals, dedicated scholars and remote workers alike!

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It is not necessary to choose specific office furniture; just focus on versatile furniture that could be reused in other contexts or in other rooms of the house in the future.

Get the look with Pennon table

Comfortable chairs with a timeless design, a dining table or, if there is not enough space, a desk will be perfect and functional to create your home office.

Get the look with Lara chair

Moreover a wooden cabinet could be a discrete, sophisticated solution for minimizing household clutter and keeping the home office tidy by storing documents, files, computers, printers, etc. inside…

Get the look with Canvas Small cabinet

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