The Home of 2023

The home of 2023: A cosy, intimate and reassuring environment that is constantly evolving.

“The house aspires to well-being
holistic well-being and organic playfulness.”

Vincent Van Duysen.

The furniture collections for the coming year hint at hygge yet contemporary atmospheres: flowing, living houses, spacious and convivial rooms connected to each other.

The concept of space, extremely elegant but without any ostentation for its own sake, in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The quality of the environment is the key prerequisite in the design of spaces: increasingly versatile, multifunctional, able to adapt and be shaped according to use. A welcoming, warm and reassuring idea of home.

Modular furniture and systems become protagonists in the organisation of rooms. They are part of the architecture, integrating new compositional possibilities that envelop existing architecture, such as the fireplace, or provide new integrated functions such as the bar and home office.

This creates a symbiosis between furniture systems and architectural walls.

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