Designer Furniture Made with Sustainably Materials

Designer furniture made with sustainably materials: from wood to aluminium and recycled plastic.

Emeco 111 Navy chair

The key word for the next few years will be ‘eco-friendly’, i.e. all items will be produced through the use of recycled materials over and over again.

Emeco 111 Navy chair

The need to reduce pollution in the world has caused many manufacturers to focus on the use of natural materials such as wood, aluminium and metal combined with recycled materials such as plastic and its derivatives.

The result includes furniture collections with a minimalist and essential style that, when placed in a hygge home, are capable of providing a sense of cosiness and warmth.

Emeco Navy Wood chair

Thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials, in particular aluminium and polypropylene, this furniture is also suitable for outdoor use as it is able to resist the corrosive action of sun, rain and wind.

Many collaborations, such as between the chair company Emeco and Coca Cola, have come about in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste in the world; in fact, Emeco’s famous 111 Navy chair is made from Coca Cola plastic bottles.

Emeco 111 Navy chair

Or the 1 Inch All Aluminium stool handcrafted from recycled aluminum. Guaranteed for life. Outdoor approved.

Emeco 1 Inch All Aluminium Small stool

Today there’s a lot more to reclaim. All materials should be carefully selected to have the least possible environmental impact. Most of them must be reclaimed or recycled. All of them chosen for longevity. Because materials matter!

Emeco Alfi chair

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