Slow Living in the Modern Society

Slow living in the modern society: slowing down for a better life

To be able to live in a modern society full of commitments, deadlines and activities, we are increasingly losing contact with the present, always looking to the future, to the next task to be carried out…

No surprise, then, that one of the increasingly common pathologies is stress: our days, the social media, the mainstream cultural and economic environment in which we are immersed try to impose on us a model of life, family, work, achievement and success that is, indeed, increasingly anti-human. It aims at the result without thinking about the health and psycho-physical well-being of people.

A solution to this problem is proposed by Slow Living, or rather a change of perspective; a different perspective with which to look at life and thus orientate one’s choices as far as possible.

Slow down… take time for yourself… focus on your passions… enjoy the little things… be happy with what you have… Easier said than done, but that’s the secret!

Living according to the Slow Living philosophy means building a life where time has an immense and fundamental value, because it is the quality of this time that determines our well-being; living a life that respects our rhythms, desires and needs.

Slow Living encourages us to search for our inner selves, leaving behind the labels and standardisation of the hectic life we are subjected to every day.

Slow Living is a choice, not an easy one because it contrasts with the lifestyle imposed by modern society, but it is a necessary choice when frenzy and the accumulation of stress affect our health!

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