Blue inspires a sense of rest, relaxation, peace and protection. In nature it is present practically everywhere and this is what makes it so familiar to our eyes, in addition to this it combines perfectly with most other colors. Being one of the most popular colours, it knows how to be bright and lively, discreet and contemplative, mysterious and deep. The colors of the sky and sea are among the most popular, versatile, strong, relaxing and dynamic without ever being aggressive. The classic combination of nautical white and navy blue, commonly used in the bathroom, shower room and seaside residences, is always topical and elegant; to accompany marine blue it is preferable to use shades of warm white and to make the whole more welcoming you can introduce natural shades such as rope, jute and linen. Blue matches very well with yellow. Yellow pallets ranging from pale sand to ochre are preferred in this combination. Sky blue and pastel blue are able to make the rooms brighter and more spacious and are mainly suitable for small rooms, dark and cold, in fact this range of colors (sky and pastel) includes blues with a touch of red that transmits warmth. It is not advisable to use blue for rooms that do not have natural light; even if they appear larger, they will have no personality.









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