Another group of colours that does not appear in the chromatic circle is represented by neutral “non-colors”. The neutral neutrals that are white, black and grey (obtained by mixing black and white or mixing all the primary colours in equal parts) have the characteristic of being able to be used without compromising the harmony of a composition, they are cold, elegant and very adaptable in the decoration of bedrooms, classic living rooms and contemporary kitchens. Black and white reflect or absorb light and, since they do not contain pigments and are not derived from other colours, they are considered as “non-colors”. For its part, thanks to its brightness, white is able to form the basis and thus act as a background for minimalist or more complex decorations. It is important to know that when you combine white with another very bright color such as yellow or apple green, you multiply the perception of brightness to become, in particular environments, an almost blinding light source. If you choose a dull color such as blue, the space will lose brilliance and be more intimate and discreet. If white transmits calm, harmony and tranquility, black is the colour of contrasts par excellence, able, when matched above all with warm colours, to create very expressive combinations and atmospheres. It is not recommended to use black in small spaces or in environments poorly lit by natural light, it could cause a feeling of “negativity” and darkness. Black combines well with the shades of grey, releasing all its elegance and refinement and with white, its opposite, giving rise to eye-catching contrasts especially in environments that tend to be monotonous and banal. When used in large spaces it has the ability to create depth.























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