Secondary color that comes from the mixture of red and blue, purple is considered a passionate, refined and romantic color that never goes out of fashion. The versatility and complexity of the purple palette lends itself to countless colour games that combine with daytime spaces, bedrooms and dining rooms. This colour has the ability to adapt to any environment, creating serene and elegant, relaxing and stimulating atmospheres; it is a contemplative, spiritual and aristocratic colour that is associated with wealth and social status in the countries of East Asia, while in Egypt it is a symbol of virtue and fidelity. It is well suited to the sober shades of cream or grey, but also to the more decisive ones such as acid green; other colours to be matched with violet can be browns and ivory whites in all shades. If you are going to paint an entire room of this colour, you should try it because purple may appear less intense than it actually is. In addition, changes should be observed during the day before deciding on the shade to be applied. The most commonly used shades of violet in interior decoration are lilac, eggplant, parmesan violet and geranium.










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