Green represents growth, harmony and quietness.

The green colour is very popular today thanks to the instinctive association with everything that is natural and ecological, bringing it back to the forefront among interior designers. Green has become an emblem of ecological consciousness. It represents faith and immortality, it is eternal as mother nature and is the colour of the jungle, strong and reassuring.


Green represents growth, harmony and quietness. In nature it has its own liveliness and, like blue, is able to provoke more intense emotions than red and yellow. Green is to be considered as an orchestra of colours, a sum of shades that stand out very clearly when combined with wood, with particular textures and tone-on-tone acolours. The family of greens is cheerful and versatile and ranges from pale celery to the ever-changing moss and olive, passing through the apple and bright shades of leaves.


Apple green nuances are extremely versatile. Warm and delicate are located between green lawn and olive green. The lively green apple, one of the most juicy in the acid green range, changes considerably with the passing of the day. In the morning, or in the hours when the light is greyer, it turns out to be rather pale, but when the sun shines and during the central hours, it assumes intense and rich tones.



The soft shades of green are the best for relaxing and comfortable stays in which to spend pleasant moments. In combination with creamy white and red pink tending white, they give life to soft palettes of complementary and very relaxing colours.










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