Decorate with the spiced honey colour

Decorate with the spiced honey colour. Discover all the possible combinations with the shades of honey.


Spiced Honey is a neutral shade halfway between a velvety honey colour and a warm caramel colour, which brings with it energy and optimism; it can be inserted in any room of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, from the study to the dining room, and it is a colour that, thanks to its versatility, never goes out of fashion. Let’s get to know this elegant colour and discover together how to create interesting combinations in the various rooms of the house.


About spiced honey colour

It’s not a beige, it’s not a brown, and it’s not even a caramel. The spiced honey is a neutral color that captures the light and makes the spaces bright, warm and welcoming with a touch of elegance and class. Very relaxing and pleasing to the eye, it is perfect especially when used for decorating bedrooms and living rooms.


Get the look: Page Low Sofa


Get the look: Tonella Sofa

How to match the spiced honey colour

The spiced honey is a neutral but strong color, so it is good to consider how to use it based on the type of furniture you want to get, the style and type of environment available. The winning combination, certainly happens with the color white, at first glance a little ‘obvious, but it is the only combination that can make a bright environment, very elegant and modern also giving a touch of Scandinavian style to the space.


Get the look: Barcelona Relax Armchair


Get the look: Lou Read Armchair

Materials that match well with the spiced honey color

The spiced honey colour goes very well with white marble, glossy surfaces and light woods. Combinations with very dark woods, terracotta, dark coloured fabrics such as purple or bordeaux red are not recommended, as they would risk ageing the environment, making it monotonous and dark.


Get the look: Lou Eat Chair


Get the look: Barnaby Sofa

How to insert the spiced honey color in a room

The spiced honey color can adapt to any room in the house and can be inserted in various ways, but always without exaggeration. Painting one or more walls can be an interesting solution, better if in the bedroom thanks to the relaxing power of this color, but this solution is recommended on large rooms full of light sources, such as windows or balcony doors. For other rooms, even if not particularly large, such as a kitchen, a living room or a dining room, the ideal solution would be to focus on individual elements, such as a chair, a sofa, a carpet or a pair of armchairs.


Get the look: Ace Armchair


Get the look: Shape Low Table

In what environment should spiced honey be used as the main colour?

The spiced honey, in its lightest tones, is usually used as the main colour in the decoration of passing rooms, such as an entrance, a corridor or other service areas; this because, first of all it can give life to an interesting visual impact and then, being these passing areas, it is more difficult to get tired or bored of this colour.


Get the look: Steno Desk


Get the look: Re-Mind Desk

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