A selection of the most Hygge seats all Made in Spain.

Round shapes, extreme comfort, soft coatings and pastel colors.

This new philosophy of wellbeing and happiness is also increasingly influencing the world of design, especially in Spain. A valid representative of this movement is the Spanish company Sancal, wich designs and produces furniture characterized by a soft design, with delicate but elegant colours, comfortable and enveloping seats, able to create relaxing and pleasant atmospheres. We will now enter the Spanish Hygge world, discovering the most comfortable and relaxing armchairs and sofas that would be perfect to decorate your beautiful house.

Barnaby Sofa Sancal

Barnaby Sofa Sancal designed by Perrine&Gilles for Sancal is a soft and enveloping sofa entirely upholstered and coated with fabric available in a wide choice of colours. This tradition was particularly prevalent on Spain’s Mediterranean coast and was crying out to be updated. From this experiment, a duo of sofa and chair were born.



Magnum Armchair

Magnum Armchair Sancal, designed by EstudiHac’s José Manuel Ferrero for Sancal is an elegant collection of stools, lounge chairs and dining chairs suitable for both demanding public spaces and domestic use.
Magnum Armchair Sancal pays homage to the very British elegance, indeed the designer has drawn inspiration from the glasses of cognac that members of exclusive London clubs cradle in their hands as they debate politics.



Mini Tortuga Armchair

Mini Tortuga Armchair Sancal was designed by Design Studio Nadadora who took inspiration from the Galapagos tortoise. The seat is so comfortable and enveloping; ideal for relaxing while reading a book or admiring the panorama from the window.



Sumo Sofa

Sumo Sofa Sancal, designed by Yonoh for Sancal is a collection of two decorative elements: an armchair and a sofa. The designer was inspired by the contrast between the powerful silhouette of sumo wrestlers and the light wooden clogs that they use to and from the ring (dohyō).



Tonella Armchair

Tonella Sancal is a French style collection composed by a small, a big armchair and a sofa. Tonella Armchair and Sofa Sancal were inspired by the Marie Antoinette-style seat and characterized by the particular satin metal base available in two finishings: bronze or nacre.
The seat, the back and the arms are made from flexible moulded polyurethane foam.





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