The “Raw” Style Decor

The Raw Style, as Hygge, has become a way of life, where the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, help to create sober and warmer environments.


The word “raw”, used in the kitchens to indicate the raw food, with years has started to enter inside houses as a new way of decoration. The natural in its purest form can be installed in bedrooms, in order to create warm and intimate environments, where nature is present in every corner, and not only in the plants or in the flowers.


We are talking about a style where simplicity, raw materials and the absence of decorative dressings are the basis of a philosophy that seeks union with nature also in the city and finds the beauty of the elements in their imperfection. Raw, which could be translated as’crude, gross or primitive’, recovers the essence of’home’ for today’s home, that place where without many luxuries you can live at ease and recover the essential values.


Raw’ loves wood above all materials. But we are not talking about those perfect and shiny pieces of wood with several layers of varnish, but about that other one, almost raw and unpolished, which does not hide its defects but emphasises them so that they can be fully appreciated. Rough, cracked, uneven textures… These are its best’attributes’, as they are part of it and its evolution. Although this does not mean that it is a careless style or only suitable for country houses, as its natural appearance’hides’ a craftwork, where every detail is pampered.
However, in spite of what it may seem, this is not a rustic style but a versatile trend without complexes, capable of being integrated into different decorations and always succeeding in the challenge.


Wood is not alone in this style. Next to it, natural fibers help to create spaces full of warmth and charm, where you want to get lost or find yourself. Household textiles (especially curtains, bedspreads), carpets and natural lamps are of great importance in these environments. As for the pieces, the dining tables, with their large planks, opt for the leading role inside and outside the house, dressing the dining room with their sole presence. While the side tables, benches and stools (impossible not to think of those that have the shape of a tree) help us to design a warm and endearing style.


In spite of its simplicity and its not very elaborate aspect, it is a decorative trend with many possibilities in the home, since it combines with any style, being easily integrated in the environment. The ideal is not to monopolize the stays with him, but to incorporate different elements so that they coexist in harmony.


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