Light blue and other colours.

Which colours can be combined with light blue? Let’s discover it together!




Joyful and brilliant, blue is a distinctly eccentric color, which in its elegance is well composed to the most diverse colors and materials, inserting itself both in the living area and in the sleeping area, always giving back to all environments great energy. Although not neutral, it is an extremely versatile and highly appreciated colour, but in combination it may present some pitfalls. To know it better, and why not, evaluate it at home as a furnishing color, here are 7 different, but all interesting, color combinations.

With white to renew indoor spaces:

Perfect partner for pure white and all the light colours that go from cream to beige, light blue combined with the range of whites is a certainty that gives infallible and balanced solutions, rich in refined energy. Always combined with “whites”, even inside the house it can give dynamism and quality, but it must be used with calibrated conviction to avoid obvious and uninteresting colour excesses, which would trivialize such a particular colour. It is better if combined with important materials such as marble, wood or metal (gold or copper).



With black to develop new exclusive combinations:

More than bold, but with a great scenic effect, the matt black combination is perfect for exclusive and luxury environments, bright and not particularly large. Interesting alternative to the usual colors that are used in these kinds of spaces, this strange combination, anything but conventional, can be enjoyable.



With natural wood (in the living room):

As mentioned earlier, light blue, when combined with white, gives great quality to spaces, but it is in the encounter between this colour pair and the lighter woods (oak, bamboo…) that more than interesting and high quality spaces can emerge. Intense and dynamic, light blue is an interesting response to bring a strong color in small environments, inhabited by white and warm shades of wood. Excellent to dress even the upholstered, it offers all the grace and suggestion of color, but with vibrant refinement.



With all the grey shades:

Among the most sought-after and interesting combinations, the combination that relates light blue and the entire range of greys is a pleasant combination to renew day, night and service environments.
An interesting combination for the living room, for example, light blue, used on the wall, will be an excellent way to give new life to a grey stoneware floor and will give the whole large size and brightness.



This colour combination can also be used in a light blue bath, where it can become an excellent alternative to white or to the more obvious pastel shades. The light blue/grey pair, if developed on floors and walls, will be ideal to solve a small and anonymous bathroom and will give the whole a fresh and modern air. The advice is to create also on the wall games of contrasting colors and materials not taken for granted (as in the picture), which will help to make the space look more broad and deep, enhancing the environment.



With red for daring combinations:

The furnishing solution that combines red and light blue is the most eclectic of the combinations that can be achieved with this shade of blue. An important chromatic game, which we have already dealt with talking about coral and light blue, this spicy and unusual mix is perfect if you want to bring home a color combination with a dramatic impact.
Strong and revolutionary, this mix can be developed in the purity of solid colors or in the most romantic fantasies. At the same time, it can be developed to interrupt the monochrome given by a continuous surface, both in white wood, as in this case, but also in steel, as in the case of a kitchen, or in masonry. More than others, if well articulated and composed, the combination of red and light blue will give the spaces great character. The advice is to propose it again, however, only in large rooms and sufficiently bright.




With dark wood to renew the tradition:

Perfect to create new experimentations not only chromatic, but also material, light blue combines well with all the essences of wood. And if with lighter woods it offers an interesting response to those who want to renew small living areas, with darker shades of wood it offers strong and impactful combinations with a high rate of refinement.
Perfect for renewing day and night areas “aged” by dark wood furniture, light blue gives a real breath of color to which, at will, you can combine accessories and textile elements in warm colors of the earth.




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