Spring Cold Colours

The most beautiful cold colors to give a touch of “Spring” to the house.


From shades of blue to green, from silk grey to plum purple, these are the cold colours that you can’t help but use to furnish or renovate your home this spring. All color studies have always stated that the coolest shades are usually the most relaxing and that if moved in the field of furniture and home decoration are able not only to give a sophisticated touch to the environments, but also the impression of being in the presence of larger spaces. All good reasons to bring these intense shades into your home this spring.


But let’s discover together the coolest colors for this spring!

-Blue and light blue shades

The blue and light blue shades are absolutely the most requested for those who want to create a super relaxing and a bit sophisticated environment. These two colours, which recall the sky and the sea, are able, indeed, to furnish an entire room on their own. Suitable for renovating a bathroom, they find their maximum realization in the kitchen, especially if accompanied by golden accessories or combined with the whole range of greys and white.


Products in the picture: Stoya Cabinet Iola Chair


Product in the picture: Caixa Cabinet

-Pink shades

For this spring the key word is “abound with pink”! From the “sugary” nuances to the old rose, there’s something for everyone! Elegant, delicate, discreet, captivating but never trivial, pink can be inserted in various contexts and combined with many colors such as gray, white, blue and wood.


Products in the picture: Mula Chair Mastea Coffee Table


Products in the picture:  Shiko Magnum Bed Illo Coffee Table

-Silk Grey shades

The silk grey colour, so elegant and versatile, is known as the colour that gives peace and tranquillity. Perfect when used in the living room or bedroom, silk grey is so versatile that it can be combined with any other colour, from the coldest to the warmest and most vibrant, without losing its unbeatable elegance and refinement.


Products in the picture: Happen Sofa Chat Pouf


Products in the picture: Lem Armchair Matassa Bookcase

-Green shades

Green, the colour of hope, is one of the most effective and powerful furnishing colours thanks to its strong personality and its ability to give tranquillity and calm. It is particularly suitable for environments such as living rooms, entrances, corridors and to give a touch of color to cabinets or walls. If chosen in the shade of emerald green, its strong but always sophisticated character will give a touch of class to your home. If, instead, it is chosen in the delicate shade of water green, it will be more suitable for bedrooms or children’s bedrooms.


Products in the picture: Rew Sofa Pion Low Table


Product in the picture: Elephant Pouf

-Purple shades

Last year, purple was by far the most widely used colour in home decoration. Strong, energizing and very sophisticated, this year it will be still in fashion but in more delicate and sober shades. Suitable for living rooms or reading corner, on armchairs or sofas, purple may seem at first glance a winter color but instead is able to give the house soft and elegant notes, perfect when you are trying to give a touch of class to the environment.


Product in the picture: Tea Sofa


Product in the picture:  Folk Armchair

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