Hygge white interiors

Some tips to avoid the most common mistakes and enhance the potential of hygge white interiors.

Is a monochrome room, with an absolute prevalence of white, perhaps the most boring thing that can come to mind? Think about it instead… Despite the lack of colors, even a completely white environment can be lively and warm! With a wise use of shapes, textures and materials you can create environments rich in vitality. Here are some simple moves to create spaces as white as snow, but anything but flat and banal.


The first step to creating an interesting environment? Stay away from the large backgrounds of a pure white dazzling light. Instead, opt for furniture and fabrics with a wide variety of features. Combine fresh cotton sheets and soft fake furs in harmony, or play with cushions and carpets with different patterns and textures: you will be able to create original and interesting combinations of style.


Do not be afraid to mix warm and cold shades, carefully examine the shades tending to light brown and those tending to gray to identify the possible and interesting combinations. White and grey form a functional whole. However, both colours change substantially as natural light conditions change. Consider the exposure of the room, north or south, and do some color tests trying to understand how the atmosphere will change in the environment at various times of day.
This is particularly useful for rooms with more complex colour combinations. For example, if you are thinking of painting the cabinets grey in a kitchen where the ceiling, walls and floor are each in a different white tone, before making any final choices consider trying to live in the space for a while.



Total white is not necessarily the same as the absence of a theme, of textures or geometries, or of all the other colours. In the kitchen and living room you can play with white tiles in the most diverse shapes and sizes or combine some decorative elements of a slightly different color. A dark worktop is enough to create interesting contrasts and elegant lines in the kitchen. In the living room, for example, a wall with exposed brick walls will be just perfect.



The shades of wood blend perfectly with white and contribute to creating pleasant sensations by enriching the range of textures. The red pigments of the wood add a touch of warmth. If possible, opt for rough or very dark woods, whose shades, while approaching white, create elegant contrasts. To obtain a shade in particular you can also dye or treat the wood, but the important thing is that the grain remains always visible, so that the essence does not lose its characteristic appearance and continues to balance the color combination with white.



You can also try combining different finishes. Mix new objects with furnishing elements that emanate the fascination of time passing by. A surface marked and scratched over the years adds a vein of vitality and character to the environment.



Some recommended white products that will make your home an unique and welcoming environment:

Dragonfly chaise longue

VY coffee table

Anacleto coat hanger

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